For over 30 years, Sybil has offered exacting guidance regarding careers, love, finances and so much more. She is renowned for highly accurate and individualized psychic readings in New York, New Jersey, New England, across the United States and all over the world.

  1. Specialization

    Sybil will put you on a positive path toward your future goals. She will help remove negative obstacles in all aspects of your life. She will remove all negative energies, curses, jealousies, and negative karma.

    Sybil specializes in all affairs of the heart, of all relationships, and spiritual healing of the mind, body and spirit.

  2. Clients/Media

    Sybil has worked with many celebrities such as Tommy Hilfiger and companies like Minute Maid and many other celebrity clients whose identities need to be protected.

Sybil will help you find your soulmate.

Services Include

    1. Psychic readings
    2. Crystal ball readings
    3. Dream Interpretation
    4. Spiritual Readings
    5. Meditation tools
    1. Tarot readings
    2. Tea Leaf readings
    3. Past Life Regression
    4. Spiritual Healings
    5. Crystal work
    1. Palm readings
    2. Photo readings
    3. Chakra balancing
    4. Aura balancing
    5. Other forms of healing


Call for one free question or an appointment today: 347-757-0742
Address: 1693 87th St. & 2nd Ave., NYC (click for map) Available for parties and functions Credit Cards accepted.