Dont be afraid to reach out for your dreams, you might just reach them

The BRONX New York was named after  Swedish-born Jonas Bronck, who established the settlement in the area as part of the New Netherland colony in 1639. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the Bronx received many immigrants and from various European countries in particularl Ireland, Germany, Italy and Eastern Europe and later from the Caribbean region especially Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic, as well as African American migrants from the southern United States. This cultural mix has made The Bronx a wellspring of Latin music, hip hop and rock. As a psychic and clarvioyant I am gifted to assist people of all backgrounds, and the Bronx certainly offers that. 

I can give you accurate descriptions of family, friends, colleagues and loved ones.  I can pick names and initials, time frames and appearances and read photos from the living or deceased and, pick up auras, and tell you about past, present and future events. My ablility to communicate with deceased spirits and predict future events with a very high level of accuracy, which has made me sought after in New York. All readings are conducted over the telephone, text message,  Facebook Private Message , using a photo or email and in person.  My psychic and medium abilities are natural and strong and I connect through energy so I dont always require to see you in person. I use tarot cards, crystals or psychic vibrations or other forms of other worldly tools to guide and convey messages from your angels or Spirit.

Once a booking is made and payment is received, we will proceed with the reading.Contact me today.